Data science

Data science is the art, craft, and science of making sense of data. And not only making sense, but drawing nontrivial and practically useful conclusions, that can be (and must be!) constructively acted upon to achieve better outcomes. It is important because we desperately need those better outcomes – as a species and as individual persons.

We live in the age of data science. Whatever your business, the ability to learn more about your customers, and about your customers’ demands enables you to optimise your marketing and sales, and to provide a better offering, thus increasing your profitability.

Data science is driven by the rise in the ability and quality of data and computational resources.

You can use data science to improve patients’ outcomes, your town’s security, find gold, oil, and other commodities, optimise ship and airplane traffic, and energy consumption; you can look at the big picture and take into account the finest, nano scale. Whatever the type of your organisation, you can use data science to achieve the maximum level of efficiency.

Companies such as, Inc.; Apple Inc.; Facebook Inc.; Google LLC; Roofoods Ltd (branded as Deliveroo); Uber Technologies, Inc. can all be thought of as data science companies because their business edge comes from their ability to collect, process, and take advantage of, data.