Organisation chart

Technical wing


The technical wing of the company needs to meet conflicting requirements:

  • agility
  • rigour
  • coherence
  • intellectual property accumulation and integration.

Agility is realised through Project Teams working closely with domain experts. Some may be serving as consultants on the client’s premises on the part-time basis.

Rigour is realised by the intellectually rigorous Core Teams, which supervise the Project Teams and ensure that they stick with the best practices.

Coherence is realised through ensuring that the Project Teams use the Company’s proprietary software libraries, Jupyter notebooks, algorithms, and procedures.

Intellectual property accumulation and integration are realised by integrating the work and requirements of the Project Teams into the software libraries, Jupyter notebooks, algorithms, and procedures, of which the Core Teams are the custodians, ensuring proper adoption and quality.

Business wing


The business wing of the company ensures a constant flow of work and efficient utilisation of the technical wing.

The Business Development team works closely with the technical wing ensuring that the projects are on schedule. The Business Development team is helpful rather than dictatorial, interacting with the technical teams through Scrum and other agile processes. The technical work remains quant- and developer-driven.

The Marketing Team ensures that positive information about the Company’s activities is disseminated into the public domain and a positive and informative image of the Company is maintained at all times. The Marketing Team utilises the Company’s Community as a key resource in its work, achieving the joint objectives of helping the Community and strengthening the Company.

The Sales Team ensures a constant flow of work to the technical wing. This work comes in the form of software licensing, consulting projects, speaking and teaching engagements, and joint work with domain experts at other organisations.